• Jimmy

American Express

The year is 1979 and a band by the name of American Express is signed to a record deal. American Express release their first single "Exo-Disco/Kick Back" which does nothing on the charts. In 1980 the band changes their name to Huey Lewis and the News on the suggestion from their label. The band release their self titled album in June of the same year, but the album is not a commercial success. The band would find success years down the road and became an 80's sensation.

Today's track got radio airplay when "Sports" was hot on the charts, but you can find the track on the 1980 "Huey Lewis and the News" album. "Trouble in Paradise" did not chart, but it was still a hit for us die hard Huey Lewis fans.

The video for this song was recorded from a 1985 show.

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