• Jimmy

Damn I just have to boogie!

Sometimes you just need a feel good song to pick you up when you are in a bad mood, or just plain tired from a long week of life. It's been a hard week and since it's HUMP DAY I needed to boogie. Who could forget this jam from The Jacksons Destiny album? Blame It On The Boogie was originally released by Mick Johnson in 1978 and it reached #61 on the Hot 100. In late 1978 The Jacksons covered Boogie and somehow only managed to get it up to #54.

I know there is going to be an HBO special coming out on MJ and I am sure it will just drive home what most people think about him and his legacy. I hope we can still enjoy the music while not respecting the person and their actions. I do know Boogie is a jam and it still makes me feel good after a long week.


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