• Jimmy

Forever ever? Forever EVER?

Today's lost hit is the ultimate in late 80's over produced power ballads. This track appears on the album Vox Humana and was featured on a hit CBS Soap Opera. The song Forever is from the one and only Kenny Loggins. What the hell is a Vox Humana? Well if you need to really know then click away

Vox Humana's first single of the same title rose to #29, but today's hit Forever only peaked at #40. I remember this song from my days at Z-104 in Madison working overnights. It seemed that the Mad City enjoyed this song as a filler track in the overnight rotation. I never understood playing this track between Baby Got Back and Rump Shaker, but it that did happen.

Anyway - This is one of my favorite Kenny Loggins tunes even thought it is way over produced.


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