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George Michael - Praying For Time

Howdy and here comes Jimmy's Song Of The Day for 9-30-2021. I was listening to the A-Z by title last night on jimmyknightradio.com and George Michael's Praying for Time came up and I thought about how I used to hate this song in 1990, and I don't know why. This song was a #1 hit on the Hot 100 and is such a beautiful song. Praying for Time was his last solo single to hit #1 and his 7th overall. Over the years I have grown to LOVE this track! This song hits me hard these days as I feel that time is just slipping away. We spend most of our days working and then it seems the rest is arguing something or attacking something. I am guilty of it as well, as I know I have spent my fair share of being stupid. I pray we can call get past this time in our lives and go back to loving and caring for one another. Time scares me these days and not because there is not enough of it. Be well, everyone. R.I.P. George, we miss that voice!

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