• Jimmy


I am not sure if I am allowed to call today's game what it is, but I am going to anyway. It's SUPER BOWL SUNDAY BABY! It got me to thinking when I woke late today and knew I had to run to the store still that there was No Time To Lose! The store was already busy when I got there and there was a run on jalapeno peppers and chips. Ugh.

Today's song "No Time To Lose" is from the Australian rock group the Tarney Spencer Band! You may not remember this song, but it did get airplay here in the states. I remember hearing this one on WLS-FM back in the day. The song was not a chart success here in the states it only reached #74 on the Hot 100 in 1981 on it's second release. Just a dumb flashback in my head today.

Now get out and buy those BIG GAME goodies before it's too late!

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