• Jimmy


OK - It's COLD..... DAMN COLD!

After a long day of trying to stay warm I thought we could use a good fun upbeat song to get the blood pumping! Today's song is from A Lighter Shade Of Brown - Hey DJ. This band formed in 1989 an had the 1991 song "On A Sunday Afternoon" reach #39 on the Hot 100. This was their only song to reach the Top 40. Today's song Hey DJ only reached #43 in 1994, so most radio people would call this a STIFF! Stiff or not, I chose this one for today because I think it's a jam always puts me in a good mood! When I worked at KQIZ in Amarillo TX we played this song in the summer of 94. In fact I was the night jock (back then they had these) and I got to play it a lot for a couple of months. I would dance in the studio to it and the cars going up and down the road would see me busting a move (ick) and call in and laugh at me. Good Times and man i am old!!! This song is now 24 years old, but still a jam to me. Ugh! Stay Warm !!

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