• Jimmy

I Hate Radio Edits!

Today's Lost Hit is a great reason why I hate the radio edit versions of songs. New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle deserves to be heard in all it's 6 minutes and 43 seconds Shep Pettibone Substance remix glory. The original version appears on the Brotherhood album from 1986 and it failed to even reach the Hot 100. If you search this song out you will find so many versions from the 3:43 edit to the 6:43 remix. I mean that's 3 min of kick ass jams GONE.

This song is a hit and we all know it. Whenever this songs is cranked at a wedding, bar, party we are all happy or at least I am! The 1994 Best Of New Order version did hit #98 on the Hot 100 in 1995. What is wrong with people???

Just for the record Rolling Stone named this tune #201 of the best 500 songs of all time.


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