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Jessica Lynn - Getaway Car

Well it is a Monday again. How does that happen so fast? I am trying to turn a corner in my life and get HAPPY again. I have really been in the dumps for a minute and I am going to feature some really fun tunes this week to help me out. For those that know me have heard me say that I am not a big fan of Country Music. That is not really true, and more Jimmy being Jimmy. I actually worked at WMIL for 2 years in the late '90s and really fell in love with most of the tunes and artists. I have been listening to more Country these days and about a year ago came across Jessica Lynn on Facebook. Jessica is about the nicest person I have seen online and her music is amazing. She is super talented as a singer and musician, and her relationship with her fans is just pure and honest.

I picked Getaway Car today because I think it sums up Jessica. This is just a fun lovin' tune and can put anyone in a good mood. If you love Country Music, great tunes and an artist that has her love for music and fans shine in her smile, then GIVE JESSICA LYNN a listen today. Happy Monday - Jimmy

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