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Paul Carrack - Don't Shed A Tear

In 1987 Paul Carrack released his third solo album, One Good Reason. If you don't know who Paul Carrack is, well let me tell you. Paul has been in many successful bands and has had a very good solo career. Paul has sung lead with the following bands, Ace, Roxy Music, Squeeze, and Mike + The Mechanics.

Don't Shed A Tear hit the Hot 100 in November 1987 at number 72 and peaked at #9 for three weeks in early 1988. I picked this tune today because I am starting to feel great and happy with losing the trash that was cut out of my life about a month ago. I am excited to start new projects with people who respect my opinions and do not trash me on a live forum. I am not shedding a tear any longer. Check out the new www.chicagosvarietystation.com if you have a chance. It's has been updated with a new fresh look and I am proud that I did it all.

Happy Tuesday and be kind to each other.

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