• Jimmy

Rock On !

So since I am really thinking about 1994 this week I am going to tell you about my day with a Soap Opera STAR!!! Can you guess which Young & The Restless star I am talking about???? It was the one and only Michael Damian! In 1994 Michael was promoting his new single Time Of The Season which was a remake of the 1968 #3 hit from The Zombies. I wish I could say this was a big hit for Mr. Damian, but it was not. I did enjoy our time together in Amarillo as we hung out the whole day and even had lunch at a Cajun place where we got to the sign the celebrity wall. I am not sure if that joint is still there, but if you ever find it you will see the famous Jimmy Knight and Michael Damian praising the Louisiana Chicken (which was renamed from some other offense name)! Now back in 1989 Michael did release a cover of the David Essex song "Rock On". Michael's version reached #1 on the Billboard Charts while Essex's only hit #5 back in 1973. Wonder what Michael is up to these days? I never got his cell, oh wait it was 1994.... Duh. Go get some Louisiana Chicken and ROCK ON!

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