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Roger The Wild Child Show - Episode 12. Paradise Kitty

On this episode of Roger the Wild Child Show, Roger is joined by co-hosts Jimmy Knight and Star! We are talking with lead singer, Jenna Syde and drummer, Raechel Rine of Paradise Kitty Paradise Kitty is a band of five badass babes born and bred on Guns N' Roses bombastic 1987 debut, Appetite for Destruction. With serious metal-honed chops and raucous reverence for the Sunset Strip warriors that took Hollywood and the world by storm, they are a sexy, smoldering, dead serious tribute that's out to get GN'R fans far and wide. As always, You Tuber sensation, Frankie MacDonald gives us the weather from around the world! Website: Facebook: You can watch the VLOGCAST here *** FACEBOOK *** YOUTUBE AUDIO PODCAST on *** APPLE PODCASTS *** GOOGLE PODCASTS: *** SPOTIFY: *** iHEART RADIO: *** AMAZON MUSIC *** AUDACY Check out our websites….. ROGER THE WILD CHILD SHOW DEBORAH DRIGGS CHICAGO’S VARIETY STATION Help us out by: Subscribe Download (not just listen!) Rate (5 stars if you like it!) Review - Spread the word!

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