• Jimmy

Should we paint it Cherry Red?

There is an ice storm in Chicago tonight! This winter is really kicking us in the butt. What a great night to celebrate the vocals of one Lou Gramm. Lou gave us so many great songs as the lead singer of Foreigner, like Hot Blooded, Waiting For A Girl Like you and Cold As Ice.... Get it? Lou's voice is one in a million and I regret never being able to see him perform live. Lou had a decent solo career in the mid to late 80's which included his solo debut album Ready or Not. The first single released in 1987 was Midnight Blue which peaked at #5 on the Hot 100. Midnight Blue is one of those rocks tunes that you always leave on and sing the hook as loud as you can.

So hit play on the video and get going. Midnight blue Oh midnight blue, oh

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