• Jimmy

Speaking of 1994 - I Swear!

How come you never hear this one any more? Today's song is All-4-One and I Swear. Who could forget this #1 song of the summer for 1994? My god this song was huge. I was a bigger fan of the #5 hit So Much In Love which came before this mega hit. I remember back in 94 my PD Ted Kelly at KQIZ allowed me to play this song for 25 min straight! The kids would not stop calling for this song and I was going nuts! I asked him to let me burn it out. It was 25 min of great fun messing with the kids on the phone! I guess I will have to find the air check. BTW - It did not burn out.... I did!

Enjoy this hit and listen to it as many times as you would like.

BTW: What ever happened to John Michael Montgomery??? LOL!!!

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