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'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry

Happy Wednesday? Well here we are again and it's another day of America being super divided. I find it amazing how one side can just sling names and insults at the other side and call them things they are not just because they feel different on issues, and their side lost. I pride myself on being in the middle of most things, but I lean more conservative (there I said it). What happened to humans that we treat each other so awful? Just because I don't agree with your opinion does not me we can't be friends and agree on many other things. Instead just because I have certain beliefs does not make me an awful human or that I hate one group of people.

COME ON PEOPLE - LIFE IS SHORT! I picked this great song today from 'Til Tuesday and sung by the great Amiee Mann. Voices Carry is just an amazing track and one of the staples of any 80's playlist. The song hit #8 on the singles chart and #19 on the Hot 100. The song is about someone treating the other bad with the words they say. Words can hurt! I am not one for cancel culture and am not WOKE. I am just a guy who loves music and his family and would do anything for them. I love all people and am nice to you unless you wrong me, then stand back. I am just so tired of waking up every day hearing about how awful I am on the news. I did not ask to be here, and did not choose how I am here! Maybe take 2 seconds before lashing out at someone because your guy did not win and learn to embrace our differences. Hell, if I boycotted every artist that I disagree with I would have 2 CDs and 1 Movie to watch. It's time to stop living in hate and learn to embrace our differences and remember Voices Carry! Be kind to each other, LIFE IS SHORT. Jimmy

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