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Wendy Moten - Come In Out Of The Rain

Jimmy's Song Of The Day Happy Saturday Everyone,

I am so confused about why the world is just finding out about @WendyMoten. I have known about this beautiful voice since 1994 when I was spinning Come In Out Of The Rain at KQIZ in Amarillo. The very first time I played this record I was blown away by Wendy's amazing voice and passion for this song. I thought to myself we are looking at the next star, but for some reason, this song did not take off on the pop charts. Music was changing in the early '90s and I feel that Wendy just got caught up in the shuffle, what a shame. Come In Out Of The Rain only hit #55 on the Hot 100, but was an AC hit at #5 on that chart. Now that Wendy is on The Voice season 21, she is showing off this amazing voice to the world and I for one hope she wins the whole damn thing. Let's get Come In Out Of The Rain moving up on the iTunes charts!

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